Missionary’s Memo May 2015

Every church in Concord Baptist Association should have an Acts 1:8 Missions strategy. A strong biblical strategy will seek to accomplish eight specific missional tasks found in the following four couplets— Prepare/Learn, Pray/Give, Go/Tell, Send/Multiply.

Ultimately, all eight task should be attempted at some level for the four mission fields given in Acts 1:8. Namely, Your Jerusalem (the field most like you culturally AND/OR nearest to you geographically), Your Judea (fields like you culturally AND farther from you geographically), Your Samaria (fields different from you culturally AND farther from you geographically), and Your Ends of the Earth (fields very different from you culturally AND/OR very far from you geographically).

The Concord Baptist Association exist to help all her member Churches develop and implement strong biblical Acts 1:8 strategies uniquely designed for them. We give special emphasis to helping our churches with the Jerusalem part of their strategy. The main reason Concord exist is to see the day we have a nearby and healthy Southern Baptist congregation, worship service, campus, or mission congregation for every 2,000 people in the  Associational area. Until we reach that day our need for networking in local church planting and church revitalization still exist– because, our churches must saturate our Jerusalem with the message of the gospel.

 If your church needs help with your Acts 1:8 strategy have your Pastor contact me at the office number listed above ext. 101, after office hours at ext. 103, or by email jeff@ConcordBaptistAssn.org.

You can also find an Acts 1:8 resources page at www.ConcordBaptistAssn.org anytime after July 1, 2015.