5 Steps of Discipleship

In the Great Commission we are commanded to “make disciples”. This task requires teaching them (the new disciples) to observe or obey everything Christ has commanded. So exactly how do we accomplish this task? Let me share the model for teaching (discipling, mentoring, coaching) a new believer that has proven most effective for me. First, choose what it is you need to teach– Bible study, prayer, evangelism, giving, etc.  Let’s say its praying with someone about a need.

Next, follow these steps:

1) I do, You watch– Let your disciple watch you initiate and pray with someone about a need.
2) I do, You help–Initiate prayer with someone and ask your disciple to pray also.
3) You do, I help– Encourage your disciple to initiate prayer with someone and you pray also.
4) You do, I watch–Encourage your disciple to initiate prayer with someone while you join in silently.
5) You do, Someone else watches– Encourage your disciple to teach someone else how to initiate and pray for peoples needs using this process.

These are simple steps for teaching someone any skill or discipline. Yet each step is vital. If we skip steps (usually we jump from 1 straight to 4 or 5) it leaves the lesson half taught. This can discourage a disciple. Let’s invest the time to truly teach. What spiritual lesson(s) do you need to teach the disciples in your life?

Go and make disciples!