Change or Distraction? 

Change. For some it’s a dreaded word and for some it’s an exciting word. It is an inevitable word in our world–including the church. Some things never change–God’s character never changes, God’s love never changes, the message of the Gospel never changes. However, God’s creation (us and our world) changes constantly. Sometimes our methods and schedules must adapt. Still, change for the sake of change is frustrating at best and destructive at worst.

How do we know if it’s to time change–at church or in our spiritual lives? Will the change help more people worship God in spirit and in truth? Will the change help more people experience the power of the gospel? If change doesn’t accomplish one or both of these goals it is just a distraction. Take the church at Antioch as an example. They experienced four significant changes:

1) They existed–the first Gentile Church.
2) Paul and Barnabas established a teaching ministry for new believers.
3) They were called Christians (name change).
4) They began intentional international missions.

These were all big changes! They were all for the purpose and had the effect of glorifying and spreading the name of Jesus! If your change can accomplish that then it’s time for a change.