12 Ways to Unlock God’s Word 

Do you remember when learned to study the Bible? I do. It was my Junior year in High School.  Up to that point, I read my Bible daily and called it good. My Youth Minister read a book by some church planter in California named Rick Warren… He taught us how to study the Bible a chapter at a time using only our Bible, a notebook, and an outline like the one below.

It takes about 30 min-3 hours per chapter to complete so, needless to say, this is not a daily discipline. Try to find 2-3 times a week when you have extended time to study. This practice will yield a lifetime of treasures straight from God’s Word.

Chapter Summary:
(Twelve Ways to Unlock God’s Word by Rick Warren)
Caption– give the chapter a short descriptive title.
Contents– describe, summarize, paraphrase, outline, or list major points of the chapter.
Chief People– list the important people in the chapter.
Choice Verse(s)– verse(s) that summarizes the chapter or most speaks to its topic.
Crucial Word(s)– key word(s) in chapter.
Challenges– List any difficulties you have understanding or applying the chapter.
Cross-References– Other verses that help clarify the chapter.
Christ Seen– The whole Bible speaks of Christ. Ask yourself what can I learn about Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, or God the Father from this chapter?
Central Lesson(s)– Why did God want this chapter in the Bible?
Conclusion– How do these truths apply to me, my family, and/or the my church?