5 Suggestions for Reaching Men 

Whole and healthy homes need godly fathers. Whole and healthy churches need godly men. The churches of Concord Baptist Association are blessed with many godly men–pastors and laymen. I want to encourage us to continue to reach men and disciple them to be godly leaders. It is one of the greatest needs in both our homes and churches. Below are five suggestions, that I already see in many of our churches, to accomplish this task.

1) Plan corporate worship services with men in mind. Think of a typical man in your church–let’s call him Bill. When you plan a worship service ask this question– How will Bill participate in this element?
2) Expect men to take the lead in church activities and train them to do it. Do all the men in your church have a visible active role in worship at least once or twice a year? Have they prayed publicly?
3) Be able to explain your process for training men on a napkin. This accomplishes two things: it shows you have a plan and it makes sure the plan is simple.
4) Develop ministries that are “just for men”. Not only will this train and build fellowship among men, it says men matter at our church.
5) Develop ministries where godly men impact boys. Young men need the attention, approval and blessing of men. Especially, but not exclusively, from their fathers.