God’s Big Picture 

When we look at Scripture, sometimes it’s a valuable thing to back up and look at God’s “Big Picture”. What is the overarching story that God is sharing with us through the Bible? How do we answer the simple question, “what is the Bible all about”? Scholars would call this the meta-narrative of Scripture. There have been many attempts to identify and express the themes and story lines God wove throughout the Bible. One of the best summarizes the Bible with four key words—Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration.
Creation—The Bible tells us God created everything out of nothing and in His final act of creation He made man in His image. Fall—The Bible tells us man rebelled against God and caused a separation between himself and God. God is holy and He judges sin. Redemption—The Bible tells us God is merciful. He immediately and patiently responded to our sin by providing a means of redemption. God’s plan for man’s redemption found completion in the substitutionary death and victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. Restoration— The Bible tells us God isn’t finished yet. He will restore all of creation at the end of time. Those redeemed in Christ will spend eternity with Him. Those who reject Christ in this life will spend eternity separated from Him.

I hope we never lose sight of God’s “Big Picture”.