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Concord. “The” Association.

Our Association is a group of sixty-two churches working as partners to facilitate Our Lord’s Kingdom growth.

Associations are the oldest entity in Southern Baptist life. The first baptist association in America was formed in 1707. Associations were formed for fellowship and to work in partnership to spread the Gospel.

An Association is made up of churches in a local area working as Partners for the Kingdom. By working as partners, the impact of the Kingdom is enhanced as churches proclaim the gospel, make disciples, minister to people in Christ’s name, and spread the gospel throughout the world.


Dr. Jeff Thompson
Director of Missions

Our association is a group of churches mutually involved in ministry and outreach.

An association is involved in meeting community needs through ministry events that involve volunteers from our churches. Opportunities to work together in ministry efforts enable churches to achieve their own ministry objectives in their communities. Churches can accomplish so much more by working in partnership than by working alone.

Our association is an open door of mission outreach to all people.

People from other countries are moving into every associational area in Arkansas, bringing with them different languages and cultures. Associations continually develop strategies to enable its churches to proclaim the gospel and minister to people in Christ’s name. Simultaneously, associations involve people from churches in ministry and evangelism endeavors throughout Arkansas, the United States, and worldwide. Associations partner with churches to send volunteers to preach the gospel and minister to the needs of people all over the world.

Our association gives personal assistance to churches.

The Associational Missionary (Dr. Jeff Thompson) gives personalized support and encouragement to the association’s churches and their leaders. He encourages the elected associational leadership to offer assistance to churches through training conferences, seminars and workshops that are designed to prepare church leaders and members so that they will be equipped to witness, develop believers, and minister to the hurting. As a result, churches are better equipped to meet the needs of the people in their communities.

Our association provides opportunities for fellowship.

We provide opportunities for fellowship for our pastors and other church leaders. As fellowship is developed and experienced, our pastors and church leaders are encouraged as they discover that they are not alone in serving the Lord. Fellowship increases trust and mutual respect among believers and churches.

Our churches are our association’s primary source of funding.

The accomplishment of our association’s mission, vision and growth of our association’s ministries depend upon the commitment of our churches. Adequate financial and human resources from our churches will enable our association to address the ministry opportunities and responsibilities that God is giving us. In return, our association can enable our churches to encounter the growing ministry opportunities in their communities.

Glory to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

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